ACTIVITY is a network organization with management, advisory and training services in the field of complex tasks that are the result of wicked problems such as climate change, the circular economy, mobility, sustainability, care, social and water safety.

The focus of the ACTIVITY services is aimed at the effective organization of (and arranging for) complex assignments within networks that are not obvious, are not ready to use and do not have a 06 number. The target groups with which ACTIVITY cooperates are leaders in the public and private domain who are committed to the realization of complex tasks. And directors and managements who want to develop a leadership climate within their organization in which leaders can thrive for complex forms of cooperation beyond the boundaries of their own organization. Clients of ACTIVITY are provinces, municipalities, municipal services, partnerships, social organizations and private organizations. The vision from which ACTIVITY works can be read in the papers of prof. Dr. Mr. L. Witvliet and drs. M.R.G.P. Mud, namely: Grip on Complexity; How to organize and manage complex assignments in complex new (network) organizational forms, respectively “Public Leadership” surrounded by glory “in the Square with the Tower”. Both can be read (in Dutch) on this site, under the button of the ACTIVITY Academy.

Four types of partners work together in ACTIVITY, namely: equity partners, associate partners, network partners and salary partners. The partners work together, learn together and undertake together on the basis of an internal professionalization program that is being rolled out from the ACTIVITY Academy under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Leo Witvliet. You can find the partners elsewhere on this site on this site under the partners button.

The current ACTIVITY (established summer 2016) can be seen as a phoenix of the Activity that was active from the late 1980s up to and including the first decade of this century. After the launch of the website in quarter four of 2016, it received a makeover three years later.

For more information please contact Marco Mud: 06 – 574 352 06 l

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